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Learn kite


level 1 beginner


weather conditions and safe location selection

trimming kite explanation and security systems

Kite flight explanations and wind window

Flying education and kite control

Normal kite take-off and landing security


level 2  intermediate


Water re-launch

body drag downwind

bodydrag upwind

power strokes


level 3

bodydrag with the board

steady pull

water start


self rescue


Prices: 1 hour group 3 persons 35 euro/per person(1 kite-3 persons)

           1 hour group 2 persons 45 euro/per person(1 kite-2 persons)

           1 hour personal 1 person 80 euro(1 kite-1 person)


All levels 1,2 and 3. Total 10 hours package 

                   10 hours privete 750 euro(1 person-1 kite)


With boat: 1 hour private 130 euro