What We Teach

Our first objective is the safety of the trainee. In combination with our experience, our professionalism and our modern equipment which includes from KITES and BOARDS up to AUDIO HELMETS the Kitesguru teaches KITEBOARDING. Let our experienced staff from IKO to introduce you in kiteboarding presenting the equipment with absolute safety. The presentation includes along with the rental of full equipment (Kite, Board, pendant, Life preserver, Helmet) and wireless communication in the water and the survival craft in the steps required and for any case. Kite Control

Beginner Level 1

Discovery (3 Hours)

  • Weather conditions and safe location selection
  • Kite Control
  • Kite flight explanation and Wind Window.
  • Trimming Kite Explanation and security systems
  • Flying education
  • Normal kite Take-off and Landing Security

Personal € 60 / hour

Group € 40 / hour per person

Beginner Level 2

Intermediate ( 3 Hours)

  • Water Re - launch
  • Body drag downwind
  • Body drag upwind
  • Self Rescue
  • Putting board on your feet
  • Maintaining correct  water starting position

Personal € 60 / hour

Group € 40 / hour per person

Level 3

Independent (3 Hours)

  • Body Drag in upwind course with the helping hand.
  • Body Drag in upwind course with the board
  • Recover boards with Body Drag Maintaining course
  • Steady Pull
  • Water Start

Personal € 60 / hour

Group € 40 / hour per person

Vip Private Lessons

Vip lessons are included for levels 2 and 3, they are conducted away from the beach with a private boat. Included are audio helmets from head zone and GoPro filming with a private instructor.

Personal € 80 / hour

Kites Guru Packages

  • Levels 1 ,2 and 3
  • One hour of theory
  • Total of 10 hours of kitesurfing lessons

€ 450